Creating an organizational STRUCTURE that
creates PROFITS
28 April 2022
08:00 a.m.
London Time
2 hours
A special event for
Company owners

Chief Executive Officers

Members of the board
“You can measure the health of an organization by how many people stay up at night worrying about profits.”
Dr. Ichak Adizes

In too many organizations only the owners worry about profits. In this seminar we will present tried and tested tools to create a profit orientation across your organization so that everyone stays up at night” worrying about profits.

Specifically, we will cover:
How to structure your organization for profitability.
How your structure needs to be adapted to your organization’s lifecycle location.
What specific managerial factors influence profitability beyond structure and how to take them into account.
Presented by:
Shoham Adizes
Adizes Senior Associate, Former President and Director of Training and Certification of the Adizes Institute. Over 20 years of international consulting experience.
Yuri Danilevski M.D.
Adizes Senior Associate, Former Merck executive, with over 11 years of international consulting experience, specializing in organizational structures.
€ 250

Adizes Institute

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12 National governments
Author of The One-Minute Manager, USA
Ken Blanchard

Adizes is the best kept secret in America. Discover him! The sooner you do, the better off you'll be.”

 Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen Covey
"One of the most insightful, experienced and compelling educators of our time.”

Founder and Past President
Domino’s Pizza
Tom Monaghan
"Adizes helped us generate better ideas and a climate where they can be better implemented.”
Ricardo B. Salinas Chairman & Chief Executive, Grupo Salinas
 Ricardo B. Salinas 
“The Adizes Methodology for managing sustainable accelerated growth has been a major contributor to our success. In the ten years that we have worked with Adizes, we have grown from $260 million to $3.5 billion.”
Samuel H. Armacost Former CEO, Bank of America
 Samuel H. Armacost
"The Adizes methodology has enchaced internal communications by encouraging habits of participatory management and by helping us accept change as normal and continuous opportunity for the bank"
Former Chairman, President and CEO
Shell Oil Company
Steven Miller
"Thanks for exposing us to the ‘Founders Trap.’ Your methods and facilitators have been enlightening.”
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