Efficient company
Deep dive into Dr. Adizes' methodology
How to ensure efficiency
of the organization
in the new economic reality
November 2023
Who is the course designed for?
Owners and Shareholders
This is the main function in the company. The success of the entire business and the happiness of the people working in it depend on its work.
Responsible for the overall vision, making the final decisions on all company operations.
Responsible for implementing the strategy in the company, resolving conflicts and setting up a system of interaction between departments.
All over the World
>55 times
we conducted training on this course for owners and CEOs of companies
>600 companies
appreciated the content of this course and trust us
>1000 participant
gained invaluable knowledge by attending the course
CEO's feedback
Course program
At the times of tectonic changes in the competitive landscapes, when long-established processes and chains begin to fall apart, when the strategy requires constant urgent tactical actions, and even a revision of the strategy itself, a rethinking of the company's management system is required.

The seminar forms a holistic view on the organization management, including 4 basic interconnected management cycles:

Strategic, Architectural, Optimizational, Operational
Shoham Adizes
Senior Associate
Shoham Adizes was the President and Director of Training and Certification for the Adizes Institute. Shoham began his work at the Adizes Institute at a young age, as an assistant to Dr. Ichak Adizes, CEO/Founder of the Adizes Institute. He travelled and studied with Dr. Adizes, attending his lectures and consultations with various organizations all over the world. This provided him with an in-depth understanding of the Adizes methodology, preparing him to become one of the youngest Associates at The Adizes Institute.

In 2003, enriching his business experience, Shoham founded his own start-up organization called Energy Reclaim, which provided high consumers of electricity with energy-saving devices in conjunction with the California Public Utility Commission Rebate Program. This venture provided invaluable knowledge of the problems and opportunities of managing a business at various stages of the corporate lifecycle. Armed with a personal understanding of how to apply the Adizes Methodology, he returned to the Institute in 2007.

Shoham has been instrumental in growing the Adizes Institute. He has been heavily involved with the recruitment, training and development of the many Adizes offices around the world. He has written countless articles and papers on various subjects related to management and he designed many of the training offered by the Adizes Institute.

In 2014, Shoham wrote and published the highly acclaimed book, Empowering Meetings: A how-to guide for any organization, which provides a basic introduction to the Adizes approach to running meetings. Shoham regularly presents advanced concepts of the Adizes Methodology to executives and CEOs around the world and continues to provide organizational transformation services to many major organizations, both for profit and not-for-profit. Having studied at the University of Colorado, Boulder and Oxford University, U. K., Shoham graduated in 1999 with a B. S. in Business.

He currently lives in Santa Barbara, California and works in English.
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